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Science Fiction Books by Author: Lorna Dolan

Harvest (A New Age)

HARVEST is my first book and forays into the science-fiction soap opera sub-genre. This is the first of a planned three-book series, and a prequel to follow. HARVEST is now going through the editing process, and I hope to self-publish this in July 2022. 

Breathlessly, share in Jenna’s battles with her personal and alien demons. Follow Jenna as she weaves her way through the maelstrom of her loves, relationships, fears, and heartbreak to redemption.

Harvest is the 1st of 3 books, which follow Jenna’s journey as she fights the aliens, and makes new friends and allies in this epic space opera.

Suitable for lovers of long, emotional reads, space opera fans, science fiction romance, paranormal adventures, and metaphysical and visionary reads.

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 REMEMBER THE DAFFODILS (A Prequel to Harvest) The novella takes you back to where it all began. Join with Jim and Chloe as they embark on a journey they had never dreamed of. 

FAMINE (A New Age)

Volume- 02

The cataclysmic finale of Volume 1 sees our hero facing very different issues.  Earth has shifted in space.  How do we return to our 'space'?  Earth is facing an ice age unlike any other before.  Governments have collapsed.  The army is non-existent... and the Srark are hunting us...

Lorna Dolan © 2022. All Rights Reserved

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