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Dungeons & Dragons Adventures
Author: Lorna Dolan



A world of diverse cultures, political intrigues and underground cults, Gods and strife. Set in the medieval era. Where a few of the Gods are flexing their muscles and interfere with the edicts set forth by the father of the Gods in antiquity. Cults undermining the stability of the kingdoms for their own ends - do they work for the Gods?

And now, we have an alien parasitic being bent on world dominion.

Could it get much worse?


Alien Songs 

Primer for Future Adventures on the World of AVENNU

Inside: New Classes, feats, World Protector Build, maps and more.

Oh, and some enterprising dwarves have been busy inventing guns. Find complete tables on usage.

Discover how to use the parasitic crystals to your advantage with our innovative WORLD PROTECTOR  build. Add sockets to your armour and weapons, get buffs and debuffs.

Join with our NPCs to battle the Alien Song in our forthcoming adventure.


Alien Songs
The Adventure

A call for brave adventurers to answer the call of the Father of the Gods, Saar-Ra, to fight the alien infection, which threatens to take over the world and everything in it. Join in the battle before it is too late.

You will encounter factions, cults and different politically ruled kingdoms. A powder-keg of mistrust threatens to blow up, adding to the conflict.

Travel through these different countries in search of the ultimate goal, the mother crystal. See how she spins her silicate web, infecting those unlucky to touch it.

Nothing Ever Happens

A great adventure for Halloween night.

DM’s, are you looking for a challenging adventure for your new or, seasoned players? 

A creepy tale of horror and undead, perfect for Halloween and those lonely, quiet nights where “Nothing Ever Happens”. 


This is a D&D 5e Gothic Horror set in a sleepy little village where “Nothing Ever Happens Here”, looking for adventurers who are not afraid of the dark and ready for the challenges that await them.

Lorna Dolan © 2022. All Rights Reserved

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