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My first recollection was reading books like “the Famous Five”, later picking up books my mother was reading, which were anything from memoirs to Agatha Christie books. I became a member of the local library and would browse through the shelves every week; having read the five books I had checked out the week before.
My future husband introduced me to the delights of reading wider fantasy fiction. It was like a big bang going off in my head. It opened whole new worlds, people and concepts. I have been an avid reader of this genre ever since, mixed with some science fiction. 
Retired in 2020 from my job in Administration at the NHS, which I loved. Mum to two lovely boys and I recently became a granny to another great wee boy. Born and lived in Glasgow, Scotland, with my husband, sister and my two furry dog friends. I love going for walks with my dogs, Louis and Freyja or working in my garden. It is a time for me to relax and it is usually at these times I get ideas for my stories.   
My love of gardening came to fruition when at the tender age of 15 years old I started to “show” my flowers at local fares. I still love gardening today. 
flowers in vase
On Writing
From a young age, I would often write short stories at home about dragons and fantasy figures. I particularly enjoy the sense of freedom you have when writing in the fantasy and science fiction genres. It wasn't until my boyfriend introduced me to a wider range of authors in these genres that my imagination exploded with ideas. The shear variety of stories is immense and still growing - it literally is into space and beyond!
Some short stories I handed to my English Teacher at Secondary School and although at first critical of my writing, with his help I developed my English grammar and general writing skills. I also believe my writing skills improved when I started Latin classes and although it is termed as 'dead' language, it gave me a grounding in the meanings of many of our English language words and grammar. You can read about my current works in the Books tab. 
So far I have published my first science fiction book called Harvest, the first in a series of three books. However, on editing Harvest, I discovered it was really too big and subsequently I cut twenty chapters out. I didn't get rid of these chapters, no. I expanded on these to create a prequel novella - Remember the Daffodils. I also have a fantasy novel, The Crystal King, the first of a planned seven-book series. Check them out on my Books tab.
My other great love, or maybe, fixation, is Dungeon and Dragons games and anything to do with dragons in particular. My brand and logo had to have a dragon and of course, my site is called White Dragon Works. I have produced one adventure so far on DM Guild - check out the link to the Game in D&D Adventures tab! I am currently working on a brand new medieval-era world called Avennu and it's very first adventure 'Crystal Songs'
Fantasy Land
Another hobby I have is building RC Model Boats. Each project can take up to two years to complete. I have built several boats over the years, but my proudest moment was when I won the Scottish Championship for Stand-off Scale Kit Model many years ago. I don't enter competitions now, but still enjoy the sense of achievement you get when you complete a model. 
Thank you for reading.

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