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FANTASY - Whispers in the Wind


This book is the first of my serialised fiction stories. Also, to be found on Medium at this link.  

Short synopsis:

A teenage boy, Jamie, and his nearly twelve-year-old sister, Chloe, live in an abusive household. The father beats Jamie nearly every day, because he is cruel and enjoys inflicting pain, especially Jamie, whom he appears to hate.

The mother, although loved by her son and daughter, has opted out of life. She has switched off and is unaware of the beatings. 

Jamie has discovered his father has designs on Chloe and believes he is only waiting for her 12th birthday, which is only days away.

After a particularly brutal beating, Jamie sits curled up on a comfy armchair in the middle of the night with the bedroom window open, thinking. When he hears a voice whispering in the wind.

Lorna Dolan © 2022. All Rights Reserved

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