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Born and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Retired and happily writing books, walking my two dogs pictured opposite. My hobbies include reading nearly all genres, going on walks with my husband, travelling, playing Dungeons & Dragons games and board games in general with family and friends and building RC model boats
Lorna Dolan
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The Seven Aspects Of Midgard Series

This book is the first of the planned seven-book series and is in the Fantasy genre. My main character is Brokk a young man, coming to terms with his lot in life. He wants so much to be a part of the local chieftain’s warriors. He is good with a wood axe. However, he is only four foot eight inches tall and in a Norse society where all the warriors look as tall as trees, he feels he doesn’t stand a chance at the trials. Nor does he want to be the subject of ridicule, which he suffers daily in his village from the young bravados. Then, the nightmares begin, a recurring dream, same setting, same ending.



I am excited to introduce AVENNU. A world of diverse cultures, political intrigues and underground cults, gods and strife. Set in the medieval era. Where a few of the Gods are flexing their muscles and interfering with the edicts set forth by the father of the Gods in antiquity. Cults undermining the stability of the kingdoms for their own ends - do they work for the Gods?

And now, we have an alien parasitic being bent on world dominion. Could it get much worse?



Primer for Future Adventures on the World of AVENNU

Inside: New Classes, feats, World Protector Build, maps and more.

Oh, and some enterprising dwarves have been busy inventing guns. Find complete tables on usage.

Discover how to use the parasitic crystals to your advantage with our innovative WORLD PROTECTOR  build. Add sockets to your armour and weapons, get buffs and debuffs.

Join with our NPCs to battle the Alien Song in our forthcoming adventure.


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